Dr. Gerbault’s rates

The cost of surgeries must be analyzed in the light of the surgeon’s qualifications and degree of specialization, as well as his experience. A very high cost is also not a guarantee of the quality of the surgical result.

Dr. Gerbault is specialized in facial aesthetic surgery since 20 years, and is known as a world reference in rhinoplasty.

Dr. Gerbault's rates

The fees (including taxes in case of cosmetic operation with a 20% taxes included) of Dr. Olivier Gerbault are the following:


Facial rejuvenation:

Breast surgery:

Body reshaping:

Other operations:

Consultations fees:

80 € to 150 €. Only the first consultation is payable.

  • If the first consultation is supported by the social security, the fees can be reimbursed, at least partially by the health insurance.
  • If the first consultation is for an aesthetic purpose, all the expenses are at the charge of the patient.

Last update of this page : 06-01-2020