Your Consultation

  • During your consultation, a reception questionnaire is given to you by Myriam or Solen to create your file confidentially.
  • During the consultation, Dr Gerbault and Dr Makhoul analyze your requests and expectations.
  • They perform many measures and a functional analysis to take account of possible morphological constraints in the choices that will be made.
  • Digital photos are routinely performed, and computer simulations are also made depending on the type of action planned.
  • You establish together an intervention project, and discuss all technical aspects: advantages and disadvantages, recovery, downtime, risks ....
  • Following this consultation, Karine welcomes you and is at your disposal for questions that you have not asked Dr Gerbault or Dr Makhoul.
  • She tells you the steps to follow for programming your surgical intervention.
  • She can also tell you about the details of the postoperative period so you can best plan your intervention.
  • Finally, for patients from province or abroad, Karine will be responsible for programing the operation and can suggest places to stay near the clinic.