Facial Peels / Peelings

What is a peeling or a facial peel?

  • The dermatological peeling consists of applying an acid solution (glycolic acid, trichloroacetic acid) that will rid the face of the layer of dead cells and stimulate fibroblasts.
  • The peeling allows cell renewal to increase tissue elasticity, reduce dark spots, refine skin texture to fade acne scars and to smooth wrinkles and fine lines.The result:  skin is re-oxygenated, glowing, hydrated, firmer and less wrinkled.

The advantage of facial peels?

  • Peels allow an exfoliation of the skin, a scrub in depth, they have an effect on the skin and produce a cooling effect much more effective than face creams.
  • Peels realize genuine abrasion, a controlled chemical burn.
  • This control is done by your surgeon, by choosing the type of peeling, its concentration or its duration.
  • It is based on the size of the defect to be corrected, the area to be treated, the skin quality and purpose.

The consultation

  • The consultation aims to assess the patient's request, to provide information on what can be treated (and what cannot ), to explain the principle and the different peels.
  • For some of them, the preparation of the skin is important to optimize the result, antibiotic coverage is sometimes prescribed by your surgeon during the 2 or 3 weeks before the act to prepare your skin.

How does it work?

After makeup removal, cleaning and disinfection of the skin, the product is applied with a cotton swab and compresses, according to a protocol (concentration, duration of application, number of passes) specific to each type of peel and according to the importance of the defect to be corrected, the treatment area, the quality of the skin and the goal.

After a peeling

  • Sun protection is essential for at least 1 month after each peeling.
  • After a light peeling, there is no downtime. One can return to work the next day.
  • However, after an average TCA peel, the dermis is exposed, causing redness, mild scaling and lasts about 3 days. It can be hidden with a moisturizer and a suitable foundation.

The risks of a peeling

  • There are no real risks but rather counter-indications and/or precautions: pregnancy, drug use, trend photosensitivity, herpes, etc...
  • Emollient creams for sensitive skin can be used, suitable makeup and sunscreen are also recommended to cover the possible red or pink appearance of the treated skin.

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