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Welcome to the Policlinique Esthétique Marigny Vincennes center, specializing in aesthetic medicine and aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery. This center was created by Dr. Gerbault in 2004 to provide a multidisciplinary approach of excellence…

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Dr Gerbault

Dr Olivier Gerbault – Chirurgien esthétique Paris

Dr. Olivier Gerbault is qualified to the Board of the Association of Physicians in reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery. He's professor of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) and teaches evry month rhinoplasty, especially ultrasonic rhinoplasty, to surgeons coming from all over the world. He's currently working on new…


Cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine

Renowned surgeons in Paris and around the world, Dr Gerbault and Dr Makhoul invite you to discover rhinoplasty and plastic surgery in general in video. TV interview, explanatory video, you will know everything.

video dr Gerbault LCI

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