Laser Hair Removal

What is laser hair removal?

This is a technique of effective, painless, permanent hair removal.

  • Hair removal is carried out by a beam of light whose wavelength is chosen according to the skin type (phototype), color of hair and the area treated.
  • The less the hair contains melanin, the less effective the laser is.
  • It is for this reason that white, gray or blond hair are not good indications for laser hair removal.
  • In addition, dark or tanned skin should be treated with special devices to achieve good results (Yag lasers), melanin levels in the skin and hair being relatively close.
  • The light thus target the hair follicle that will be burned by the heat and destroyed.
  • It is the melanin in the hair which serves as a vector for the heat to reach the bulb.
  • The higher the contrast between the color of hair and skin color is important the more effective the treatment will be.


Why have laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a technique that results in the destruction of approximately 30% feeder buds in the hair per session for a comprehensive and lasting hair removal, as it is estimated that between 4 and 8 sessions depending on the area treated, possibly followed by maintenance treatment, it reduces up to 90% of hairs.

The consultation:

During the consultation,

  • The practitioner determines your skin type and is aware of your medical history.
  • You are provided all the information before starting preventive laser treatment
  • It is important not be tanned, to stop any waxing, cream, and the use of tweezers in the month prior to the laser hair removal, shave the area about 24 to 48 hours before the session.
  • If you have herpes (cold sores), you have to treat the rash at least two weeks before the laser session. Otherwise it is appropriate to postpone the session.

What happens during a laser hair removal session?

During the session,

  • We project onto the skin at the treatment site a cold air jet to offset the heat emitted.
  • The sessions are painless and leave no traces or redness on the skin.
  • There should be according to the zones treated 5 to 7 sessions to reach each hair bulb, so there is no more hair growth.
  • The sessions are spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart depending on the areas and candidates for hair removal.

After laser hair removal: 

Precautions are to be respected after treatment, especially related to erythema (redness) that occur in the area treated with laser.

  • Precautions are therefore intended not to increase these redness and help calm the skin as soon as possible.
  • You should avoid unnecessary aggression or irritation of the skin after a session.
  • Avoid any aesthetic treatment within 48 hours.
  • Also avoid the pool the same day, or steam room or sauna.
  • It is not advisable to perform a scrub or practicing intense sports activity during the day.
  • You should avoid any application of perfume or alcohol-based product within 24 to 48 hours after the laser treatment.

In the days after the laser treatment, the whole strategy is to calm the skin as much as possible to allow it to return to normal.

  • Ointments or creams used in the treatment of superficial sun burns or list may be prescribed, usually for a short week.
  • If some hairs are not immediately volatilized during the laser session, they go out and gradually fall in the weeks following the meeting.
  • Do not pull the hairs.

The risks of hair laser removal:

  • Complications such as burns or superinfection is rare, scars are exceptional.
  • Pigmentation disorders may occur in the weeks following the treatment, but they are almost always reversible.

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