News from Dr. Gerbault – 2016 Bergamo Congress

Bergamo rhinoplasty course

For the 5th year in a row at the Bergamo Congress, Dr. O.Gerbault (faculty member) is giving lectures on:

  • in 2008, on diced cartilage and DC-F
  • in 2010, on sutures and strategy for ethnic rhinoplasties
  • in 2012, on lateral crural transposition
  • in 2014, on ultrasonic rhinosculpture
  • in 2016, he will again focus on piezoelectric surgery applied to rhinoplasty, and the full impact on bone and septal surgery

Details of the assignment led by Dr. O.Gerbault this year 2016:

  • The course describes the contemporary analysis of the bone vault, the piezo-instrumentation for osteotomies, how to reshape the bone in rhinoplasty
  • Particular emphasis will be placed on the control of bone movements and bone orientation, as well as ultrasonic rhinosculpture.
  • The course will end with the presentation of a new procedure to treat bone defects in secondary rhinoplasty.


  • Be able to assess bone characteristics before rhinoplasty
  • Learn what is the piezo-instrumentation element (sawing, grating and remodeling by osteotomies)
  • Understanding the algorithm of bone shrinkage and bone remodeling
  • Learn to control the orientation of the bone
  • Learn how to restore the bone by osteography

bergamo 2016
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