Structure & Preservation Rhinoplasty Conference 2021 in Turkey

Congrès Rhinoplastie Structure & Préservation en Turquie

The first international rhinoplasty meeting on Preservation and Structural Rhinoplasty took place in Istanbul from June 11th - 13th with a program made by Dr. Göksel and Dr. Cakir.

Dr. Gerbault was one of the international faculty to share his expertise in ultrasonic rhinoplasty, but also in preservation rhinoplasty and structural rhinoplasty.

Some membrers of the International Rhinoplasty Research Society were there: Dr Göksel, Saban, Palhazi, Zholtikov and Kosins.

Au bloc opératoire avec les Drs Kosins (USA), Göksel (Turquie) et Zholtikov (Russie) pour discuter des nouvelles techniques de rhinoplastie en 2021.
Dr. Kosins (USA), Dr. Göksel (Turkey) and Dr. Zholtikov (Russia).
De gauche à droite : Selahattin Ozmen, Baris Cakir, Abdulkadir Göksel, Nazim Çerkes, et Fazil Apaydin.
Selahattin Özmen, Barış Çakır, Abdülkadir Göksel, Nazım Çerkeş, and Fazıl Apaydın.

The program of the meeting

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