Dr. Gerbault in Iran for the 5th Shiraz Rhinology Course

Dr Gerbault was invited in Iran, in the city of Shiraz, for the 5th edition of the Shiraz Rhinology & Facial Plastic Surgery International Course (SRIC).

Shiraz Rhinology & Facial Plastic Surgery International Course

From May 1 to 3, 2019, Dr. Alireza Mesbahi & Dr. Bijan Khademi gathered hundreds of surgeons and exhibitors from across Iran and around the world for this international congress in Shiraz. Dr. Gerbault was invited among the members of the Faculty to give several lectures.

The topics covered were very varied this year. Dr. Gerbault intervened several times during these 3 days, in particular for:

  • Panel, during a session of the "Rhinoplasty School", on the case study of a septorhinoplasty (rhinoplasty for patients also having a deviation of the nasal septum).
  • Presentation of his new concepts in bony vault reshaping.
  • Reading on the contribution of piezosurgery instruments in the dorsal preservation.
  • Reading about his new techniques rib graft harvesting with piezoelectric instruments.
  • Presentation of more than one hour on two of its surgical specialties, that are the ultrasonic rhinoplasties and the septoplasties (functional rhinoplasties).

Dr. Gerbault has also chaired two sessions of the "Rhinoplasty School".

The congress program in detail can be found on the following link: Scientific Program SRIC 2019.

Dr. Gerbault during one of his presentations
Dr. Gerbault during one of his presentations.

Iran, the main country for rhinoplasty

Iran is the country in the world where most rhinoplasties take place each year.

If you walk through the streets of Tehran, the Iranian capital where Dr. Gerbault has been to surgical conferences twice, you may see several women proudly wearing a taping or splint on their noses. The reason for that? Iranians are becoming more and more interested in rhinoplasty, especially women. Many of them come to wear their taping for a much longer time than required after a nosejob.

In Iran, this surgery is a marker of social position, and is becoming the outward sign of wealth among women. Indeed, in a country where the face must be at least partially covered, and where the body can't be exposed, nothing is seen more in the latter than ... their nose in the middle of their face! Iranian surgeons have understood this well, and more and more are specializing in rhinoplasty, hence the growing interest in congresses such as the Shiraz Rhinology & Facial Plastic Surgery International Course.

 Members of the Faculty, invited for the meeting.
Members of the Faculty, invited for the meeting.
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