Preservation Rhinoplasty 2022 meeting in Nice

Dr Gerbault Rhinoplastie Nice

The first major rhinoplasty congress of the year 2022 will be held from 25th to 27th February in Nice (France) under the direction of Yves Saban, one of the precursors of dorsum preservation surgery.

This congress on preservation rhinoplasty will bring together some of the world's best specialists in the field who will perform live surgeries. The lectures will cover the different aspects of preservation rhinoplasty.

Dr. Gerbault will communicate on two topics:

  • The importance of bone stability in preservation rhinoplasty and the different types of osteotomies in preservation rhinoplasty.
  • Ultrasonic rhinoplasty is an important contribution to control the different types of osteotomies, but also for the precision of the septum trimming which is one of the key sequence of the operation.

V. Finocchi, Y Saban, O Gerbault, B Cakir, A Göksel.

Congress program can be found on the following link: Preservation Rhinoplasty - The Course 2022.

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