SACPER 2021 meeting in Mar del Plata (Argentina)


The 51st Argentina meeting of Plastic Surgery is taking place in Mar del Plata, at 400km south of Buenos Aires in Argentina.

This meeting organized by the SACPER (Sociedad Argentina de Cirugía Plástica, Estética y Reparadora) gathered Argentine surgeons, but also surgeons from South America. Dr. Gerbault has been invited to present the latest advances in ultrasonic rhinoplasty, structural and preservation rhinoplasty.

Dr Walter Servi (Argentine) ; Dr Renato Hernandez (Argentine) ; Dr Olivier Gerbault (France) ; Dr Boris Henriquez (Colombie) ; Dr Luis Henrique Ishida (Brésil) ; Dr Juan Ignacia Schiro (Argentine) ; Dr Juan Carlos Vila (Argentine)
Dr. Walter Servi (Argentina) ; Dr. Renato Hernandez (Argentina) ; Dr. Olivier Gerbault (France) ; Dr. Boris Henriquez (Colombia) ; Dr. Luis Henrique Ishida (Brazil) ; Dr. Juan Ignacia Schiro (Argentina) ; Dr. Juan Carlos Vila (Argentina)

The first masterclass of the meeting gathered a panel of surgeons specialized in rhinoplasty. It's about the trendy topic of structural and preservation rhinoplasty, that Dr. Gerbault use daily with ultrasonic rhinoplasty.

En essayant de convertir mon ami Luis Henrique Ishida de Sao Paulo à l'utilisation de la rhinoplastie ultrasonique pour ses préservations du dorsum. J'ai la chance de connaître un peu la famille Ishida, l'autre frère Luis Carlos, et le père Jorge, qui ont apporté beaucoup à la rhinoplastie.
"Try to convert my friend Luis Henrique Ishida from Sao Paulo to the use of ultrasonic rhinoplasty for his dorsal preservations. I'm lucky to know a little the Ishida family, the other brother Luis Carlos and the father Jorge, who brought so much to rhinoplasty" - Dr. Gerbault

Congress program can be found on the following link: SACPER 2021.

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