Acteon: rhinoplasty inserts will be re-sterilizable in the United States

Acteon : les inserts de rhinoplastie bientôt re stérilisables aux Etats-Unis

This week, Dr. Gerbault had the chance to meet the entire Acteon team in charge of the ultrasonic rhinoplasty project in Mérignac (France).

The various project managers, research and development, innovation, regulatory, and the CEO of the group were able to make positive progress regarding the production of long inserts for closed ultrasonic rhinoplasty and for septum management, especially for dorsum preservation techniques.

Rhinoplasty inserts will be re-sterilizable in the United States

In addition, the good news of the day is that rhinoplasty inserts will soon be re-sterilizable in the United States, which will allow American colleagues a significantly reduced cost to use ultrasonic rhinoplasty inserts, and in fact probably the use of more inserts with more options for ultrasonic rhinoplasty.

Un sapin de Noel avec des inserts en guise de décoration a été fait
A Christmas tree with inserts as decoration was made

Dr. Gerbault finished by visiting the production workshop of Acteon where he had the chance to meet José (pictured), the soul and memory of Acteon, who was at the origin of the design of a very large number of inserts. He is grateful to this whole team for their energy and passion.

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